5 Useful SEO Tips to Make Your Business Thrive in Rockville

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You can’t optimize a web page or a website for search engines without actually doing. And that’s the main problem. If you do the wrong thing, your website can disappear from the SERPs within no time. So you shouldn’t prefer any shortcuts that will cut you short. Here are a few tips your Rockville SEO company will follow:


1. Use keywords innovatively in the title.


When you’re dealing with keywords, if it doesn’t make sense to a human, you shouldn’t waste your time with it. For example, you have a keyword – how to lose weight – that’s a keyword with a good amount of searches every month but it won’t make sense in the title tag of your web page.


So you need to be innovative using a title like “5 Ways to Lose Weight” would rank you for that specific keyword and make proper sense to both search engines as well as readers. This is below the 70 character limit for titles on Google and doesn’t look like a disgusting spammer in any way.


2. Keep your eyes open for negative SEO.


If you have a website which has been around for some time and garnered some reputation, you don’t really need to worry as Google relies on your website. But if you have a six month old domain, everything you do is monitored thoroughly. Therefore, you should monitor your links in search console – Search Traffic>Links to Your Site and disavow spammy links if you get them.


3. Use SEO-friendly URLs


• To create SEO-friendly URLs, use your keywords or its variation in your URLs.
• Include your keyword in your permalink, especially if you’re targeting a specific subject in your page.
• Create a readable and clean URL which means visitors will find it useful to get specific information.
• Try to make URLs short. For instance – how to drive traffic to your website in 30 days sounds unnecessary.Instead, just use “grow traffic” and let the title tags and Meta tags handle the description.


4. Try to go mobile.


This is not the right time to have websites that are not optimized for your mobile visitors. If you want to know why, just sign in to your Google Analytics dashboard and take a look at the numbers coming to your website on different mobile platforms.


If you website is optimized poorly, it’s right time to make corrections.


• Compress your HTML, CSS, and image files as well as install a caching plug-in to boost site speed.
• A caching plug-in can save you time by preventing browsers from downloading a web page again and again.
• Remove pop-ups from your mobile website and don’t try to trick users into clicking an ad or use other deceptive tactics.


5. Use advanced queries to do competitor analysis.


There’s no search term without pages ranking for it as far as it has at least 1-5 visitor searching for it on a monthly basis. It’s costly in using SEO tools for competitor analysis when starting out but you really don’t need to.


You can measure competition with a few Google advanced search queries. The “allintitle” search query is one of them. It makes really sense that pages focusing a specific keyword should include it in the title.


If you get a keyword with low “allintitle” results, it’s proved that you can rank for those keywords. Generally, this happens with low search volume keywords.


Final consideration –


New SEO tactics come and go daily. But if you count on a SEO company in Rockville – Search Flow, you can take advantage of the latest SEO tactics and strategies. It’s highly suggested to hire our Rockville SEO company and make your website SEO friendly.

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