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2018 saw major changes in the world of PPC marketing! From rebranding of Google AdWords to Google Ads to launching of numerous new campaigns types, features, targeting options and tools. Google is focusing on three core concepts where Google advertising products are concerned and these are value, transparency and trust for both the advertisers as well as the prospects.


Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice-president of Ads at Google said, “Marketers now operate in a world packed with more curious, demanding, and impatient consumers; our prospects expect us to deliver ads that offer personalized, hyper-relevant solutions, not generalizations.” People today are not dumb and they don’t want to waste their money on anything that is valueless is what that can be concluded from the above statement by the senior Google Ads VP. And Google has taken various steps to help the advertisers in meeting the needs of a progressively practical, mobile and data-conscious audience.


And we at Search Flow being one of the most reputed PPC experts in Rockville have understood what the present day audience needs and hence follow the latest features of Google Ads such as the following.


Opting Out of Ad Personalization–This feature helps audiences to personalize the ads they want to see. This option makes Google a more trustworthy entity keeping users pacified and engaged.


Updates in Click-to-message Feature– There will be few new updates that Google will be rolling out soon i.e. email forwarding and automatic reply and new reporting details for message extensions. With email forwarding, the texts that users send from click-to-message ads can now be directly delivered via emails i.e. the advertisers will not have to provide their phone number for using message extensions. And with automatic reply option, the advertisers can respond to their users immediately with preset texts. Message reporting will include message conversions which will be defined by the number of conversations made by the user to complete the intended conversion action.


Elevation of Programmatic Advertising – Combining Analytic 360 and DoubleClick tools Google is planning to offer big spenders a complete set of tools that will help them in planning, buying, measuring and optimizing both media and consumer experiences.


Full Funnel Video Ads – Google introduced two important TrueView features i.e. TrueView for reach and TrueView for Action. The former feature allows advertisers to hit more prospects with creative videos using CPM bidding and the latter one helps advertisers in advertising over YouTube to the prospects that have recently searched for your products or services on Google.


Apart from these features, there are many other features that have a great impact on PPC marketing. And we at Search Flow remain up to date with all the latest and upcoming features from Google to help our clients achieve the best outcomes. So if you are looking for the most trustworthy and up to date PPC Management Company in Rockville, then do consider us! Give us a call today at +1-202-322-7538 or write to us at and stay up to date with latest and upcoming features from Google!

Top 3 PPC Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


When it comes to PPC (pay-per-click), every click counts and the stakes are even higher when you are offering PPC services to clients. That is because getting them the much-required clicks to boost business is vital to the triumph of your own business. This is why as a PPC marketing agency in Rockville you must be aware of the major PPC mistakes that you’re likely to make and how to avoid them.


Having No Upfront Strategy:


Having a strategy upfront is one of the most important parts of PPC campaigns. As a PPC expert in Rockville, you should have a PPC stratagem that evidently delineates the target viewer of the marketing endeavor, and how to reach those viewers.


If you don’t have any idea who the offer is intended to, you will find it tough to even compose ad texts. Moreover, you will find it hard to construct landing pages that motivate the target market to take the preferred action.


A productive PPC advertising campaign begins with clear objectives & a plan for obtaining them. And the most essential piece of that plan is defining and comprehending the audience.


Not Checking Conversion Channel in Advance:


To identify whether PPC marketing campaign is working or not, start by checking conversions & analytics prior to you run it. Regardless of what kind of campaign it is, you must always check your conversion channel in advance because this’ll help you in avoiding wasting fund on a campaign that’ll send users who won’t purchase anything due to an issue in the checkout procedure.


Quality assurance is really vital. Sadly, it is often overlooked, as numerous advertisers emphasize on getting something live as quickly as feasible. To make sure that you’re running a productive PPC campaign, please focus on the following:


  • Do a thorough analysis of the website
  • Do a user test
  • Do cross-browser & cross-device testing
  • Do a health examination of Google Analytics


Using “Broad Match” on Short –tail Head Terms:


Except your budget is too high, don’t employ broad match if you’re targeting any high competition keywords. For example, if you deal with apparels, don’t bid on apparels as a broad match keyword. Because doing so may cost you big time in a limited time period without assuring any decent number of conversions.


To make sure appropriate exposure of such terms, stick with the exact match then employ all the bid modifiers feasible. These include geographic and ad schedule that lets you to demonstrate efficient advertisements for the correct terms.


Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or just venturing into PPC marketing, it’s essential that you don’t make these above-mentioned mistakes. Because any of these mistakes can make all the differences in terms of the clicks that your advertisements get.

Boost Your Sales with Search Flow – the Trustworthy PPC Management Company in Rockville


Pay –Per –Click or PPC advertising is one of the most sorted and easiest ways that has the ability to deliver targeted traffic for any business. And for this reason, businesses too often consult with PPC experts for running such a paid service promotion. Mostly it is also seen that businesses hire PPC management companies as they find it difficult to understand campaign terminologies, keyword research and get confused in campaign settings. The PPC experts help the businesses by managing PPC accounts by maintaining consistent or increased traffic levels and implementing quality score averages. These PPC management companies also help by reducing costs per lead. But to achieve all these businesses need to hire a PPC management company that has high proficiency so that there will be a guarantee of rapidly increasing sales.


There are few factors that must be considered to get the right and best PPC experts for your business such as the PPC management company you are dealing with should be transparent i.e. they should share complete and unaltered information regarding every ad account, performance indicator and landing page for your campaigns, the company must be Google AdWords certified, willing to accept short-term contracts, possess required experience and have satisfied customers, have in-depth expertise to keep up with ever-changing and complex PPC trends and should also provide additional services and strategies that helps your business in increasing return on investments.


Why Search Flow?


At Search Flow being a trustworthy and expert PPC management company in Rockville, we provide PPC services that can be customized as per your business requirements that help in delivering exceptional results. Our teams of solution-oriented PPC experts in Rockville efficiently manage and handle Google AdWords campaign and also deliver various other PPC management services. When you depend on us we make sure to provide you with good amount of measurable data, greater online visibility instantly and a good number of targeted audiences.


We assure you that every penny of yours spent will be fully accounted and you get maximum return on investment. Our well-planned and targeted PPC campaign complements your inbound marketing endeavors. For making us your PPC expert partner call at +1-202-322-7538 or email at

Hire PPC Management Company and Increase Qualified Visitors to Your Website Efficiently


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to dramatically increase your website’s traffic within hours. Also, it helps your website by increasing the number of qualified visitors. However, as you are paying on a per click basis you must choose the keywords carefully; else you may end up paying huge money on worthless traffic that will not convert into buyers. Therefore, taking help of a professional PPC Management company is necessary who will design your PPC ads carefully and place your niche keywords in them. This will make the keywords highly visible on the search engines hence providing the right visitors to your website.


PPC campaigns are not that easy to set up as you are investing money in clicks and you will not want to lose out on correct clicks and get less profit. Hence hiring a PPC management company is always advisable. A good PPC management company ensures that you choose the most competitive keywords, design your campaigns that help in keeping your costs down, as well as a tremendous increase in traffic of your website to result in more profits. The PPC management company should keep track of all periodic reports that contain detailed statistics of all your campaigns that helps in drawing more targeted customers to your website. They will also take care of all aspects of a successful campaign building including copywriting, keyword research, bid management, analysis and effective tracking.


We at Search Flow, a PPC Management company in Rockville provide the best PPC services that can be customized depending upon the business requirements that help in delivering exceptional results. We are proud to have solution-oriented experts who are capable of efficiently managing and handling Google AdWords campaign and delivering many other PPC management services. Various forms of PPC advertising are available that help businesses in getting the best results. Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Facebook Ads are a few of the most popular forms of PPC advertising. The PPC advertising and management services that we provide at Search Flow are the easiest and most cost effective ways for customers. With our services your website will reach and achieve more online exposure to constant updates, modifications, and tests. We aim at providing a customized and well planned PPC campaign.


So if you are looking for a good and dependable PPC Management company in Rockville, do count upon us! Contact us today at +1-202-322-7538 or you can write to us at

Well-Proven PPC Strategies to Improve Adwords Campaign


Digital marketing companies have seen the amazing growth of pay-per-click management in recent years. More and more numbers of companies are experiencing the great potential of serving ads to users in real-time. This is why most PPC experts in Rockville agree that companies see more growth of this proven digital advertising strategy.


Though organic search is the part of any business strategy, it has become difficult to reach the top of the search engine result pages. The stringent search engine measures provide better search results to users and with the saturation of the search engines.


But with PPC experts in Rockville, you can have a better chance of gaining exposure and customer engagement. If you want to improve the visibility of your business and you feel that your website campaign is underperforming, here are a few PPC strategies you should follow to improve your campaign:


1. Take Advantage of Ad Extensions.
Ad extensions should be included to the PPC campaigns to create more relevant and useful ads for searchers. With ad extensions, you will have more options to interact with advertisers easily. Ad extensions include a contact number, website link, maps, etc.


2. Use Multiple Ads.
Does your company offer different products or services? Or does your office operate in different locations? If yes, you should set up multiple ads to make your ads specific, more useful, and relevant. This way, you will target local customers and minimize overall costs.


3. Use Call Only Campaigns.
Call only campaigns allow your target audience to contact you directly. It saves them time and reduces the requirement for them to browse your website to search for specific products or services that they need.


4. Consider PPC Remarketing.
Chances are, when a customer visited your website through your ads, considered buying an item, but didn’t complete the purchase process. PPC remarketing campaign can remind that customer about the items but didn’t complete the purchase. It increases your ad visibility, increasing chances of your customers completing a purchase.


5. Do Multiple Tests for Every Ad.
Test your ads to measure their effectiveness. You should create different versions for every ad by varying the title, the body, or the call-to-action button. This way, you will figure out the ads that work best and bring more clicks and conversions.


6. Try to Use Negative Keywords.
Use negative keywords for ad texts in order to weed out search phrases that are related to your industry, but not to your specific products or services. If you add phrases to your list of negative keywords, you will also minimize the costs of your PPC campaign.


7. Use Device-Specific Campaigns.
What’s so great about PPC is that you can target a certain device where you want your ads to appear. You can choose to target desktop, tablet, or mobile users, or target all of them.


8. Start Scheduling Your Ads.
Schedule your ads so that they can appear during the certain times. This feature is used if you know through research when your target customers are mostly online. It increases the visibility of your ads and your chances of being called.


Hiring Professional PPC Management Service Provider –

If you would like to use ads for your business marketing campaign, you should contact PPC experts in Rockville through Search Flow today. Let us design the pay-per-click marketing campaign for your business needs! Call us right now to get started!