The Advancement in Web Apps to Prosper in E-Commerce Space

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Most customers are focusing more on eCommerce retailers for quite some time now. eCommerce brands tend to bend backward to avoid any negative press or bad word of mouth as both have so much weight in eCommerce space.


They will extend their resources to maintain customer loyalty and make sure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. However, the return rates for online retailers will be more than the brick and mortar sales. Nowadays customers expect generous return policies and they are not afraid of taking advantage of said generosity.


The Advancement of Web Apps to Prosper in eCommerce Space


Every day mobile checkout has become prominent increasingly throughout the eCommerce world. Most users are spending more time browsing and shopping on mobile devices because of the efficiency and convenience of web apps.


Implement a clean mobile site or app to ensure a native checkout. This eliminates the requirement to browse on the desktop. The day after day customers have become more comfortable in making purchases through mobile devices. They always intend to look for the next step to improve the process further.


Therefore, you should consider advancement in web apps to reshape the way customers use their mobile devices for shopping. Earlier, companies developed applications or apps to promote their brand, products or services. Their primary goal was to appeal to many users to download the app as possible.


Most brands have moved away from the development of traditional mobile-friendly sites or mobile applications. Instead, they focus on creating a hybrid solution. The web apps combine the upside of both the traditional options; improve on many important features as well.


The web apps should feature:


• Faster loading ability than mobile sites
• Offline capability
• Adding to a home screen without any need of updating
• Allowing push notifications


Offering an app like experience through the mobile web gives users all the functionality that should be included in the app. Web applications are more accessible than traditional apps as the extra steps of browsing the app store and downloading the app are reduced. Users invest most of their time in native apps, but mobile web reach is around three times than the native apps. You don’t need to market or promote a separate application to the customer.


However, Google has enlisted the following set of criteria to qualify progressive web apps:




The web app works for each user, regardless of browser choices. It’s built with progressive enhancement as a core feature.




The progressive web apps fit any form factor, including desktop, tablet, mobile or whatever is next.
Independent Connectivity


The progressive web apps should be improved with service works to work offline or on low-quality networks.


App-like Functionality


The progressive web apps seem like an app as the app shell models differentiate the application functionality from application content.




The progressive web apps are always up-to-date for the service worker update process.




The PWAs should be served through HTTPS to prevent snooping and to make sure that the content is not tampered.




The PWAs are recognized as an application for the W3C manifest and service worker registration scope which makes the search engines to find it.




They make the re-engagement effortless and smooth through push notifications.




This allows users to install apps as they find most useful to their home screen without any hassle of an app store.




The advanced web apps can be shared the application through URL and don’t need any complicated installation.


Final Consideration –


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