Web Design Tips from Our Experts that Enhance Any Brand’s Value Efficiently


When your brand becomes successful, it attracts more customers towards your business and enables you to keep them for the long term at the same time. Also, once your buyers get satisfied with your products or services, they will remain loyal to you. However, for achieving that sort of loyalty from your customers, you will need to tell them what your brand is all about and how it can help them in their lives. So this can be done efficiently through a web design of your brand. Therefore, you should immediately get in touch with a trustworthy and renowned web design company.


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Being one of the top web design companies in Rockville we have brought you a few tips on how our web design can help you in building a brand that is suitable for your audiences. Check out these below –


We choose the right color combination –


Our web designers at Search Flow understand how colors evoke emotions and subconscious minds of people. There they use the right color that relates to the product or service you provide. For example, if you are selling health products or products related to nature we make use of green color. Also, the color green offers you calmness. For this reason, you can find that most of the hospital walls are painted pale green nowadays. Similarly, black represents luxury (brands like Louis Vuitton and Rolex watches are the examples), orange represents youthful energy and likewise.


We Infuse Personality to your website –


People mostly like the brands that have attributes like humans as they let them identify with it. There is terminology for this behavioral pattern by psychologists, i.e. ‘anthropomorphism.’ The best example for this is Twitter and its little blue bird. Whenever people see this little blue mascot, they think of Twitter, that has familiarity with human attributes.


We Create Web Designs that Will Stir Your Audiences –


We associate your brand with pleasant emotions and vibes that make your brand accessible and experience-driven. This will let your audience connect with the feelings you want to portray. We can also make use of short video clips to showcase your brand’s creativity.


We keep the design consistent –


The best way to make your brand memorable and successful is through consistency. That is why we make sure to keep the consistency of your web design intact, i.e., we use the same colors, formats, graphics, personality and emotions in all the pages of your website.


We make sure to display the logo of your brand correctly –


We believe however creative your logo might be, if it is not placed in the right position, then it won’t make any sense. Moreover, the best place to locate a brand’s logo is the top left corner of the website as that is the place where people look for it. Also linking the image of the logo to the homepage is a great way to enhance the popularity of your brand.


So if you need help in designing a successful website for your brand then get in touch with us today at Info@search-flow.com

7 Web Design Tips to Improve UX

“How does your website appear” and “how does it perform” – both are two different things. Your website can look visually beautiful, but offers a poor user experience. Your website can look dreadful, but perform very well.

Of course, you may need some balance as most people won’t rely on a horrific-looking website enough. But if your website is all about what it looks, the same people probably won’t return. Understanding how important an aesthetically appealing and well-functional website is, here are a few facts most web design companies in Rockville pay more attention to:

  1. Consider visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is something that offers users a great sense of direction while visiting your website. They can determine the usefulness of your products or services, how to use, and why do they care within a few seconds.

Through proper visual hierarchy, your visitors can able to know what to go next, what they require to do, and why it’s important.

  1. Allow your website to breathe

White space is considered as breathable. It offers a chance to your content to breathe and users to pause while enjoying your content. However, it can be tempting to cram all important details above the fold but avoid doing so. Otherwise, it complicates the overall web design and distracts visitors from what you want them to do.

  1. Make the user leading the way

Your website should be designed as per the best interests of users. If you do this effectively with the Web Design Company in Rockville, your visitors won’t get lost or frustrated while visiting your website.

To make the navigation process easy, you should divide categories, make navigational elements clickable and include ALT text on clickable images.

  1. Maintain consistency

Consistency ensures a better user experience or UX. Your website should be consistent in terms of color, font, layout and more. No matter whichever page a person browses, they should be reminded that they are on the same website and part of a cohesive user experience.

  1. Go with a responsive design

Nowadays most people use their mobile devices to browse different websites. Therefore, your website should be responsive – not just accessible on mobile phones. Don’t just rely on the template you choose, either. You can test your website on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to make sure it works perfectly across most browsers.

  1. Test your website

There are always going to be things that you’re doing right and wrong. Fortunately, split testing your website allows you to know the shortcomings and how to fix them. Test your website regularly ensures that users are actually engaging with it. It will help you provide the information that your customers are really seeking for.

  1. Keep the design elements simple

The last but not the least; try to keep the design elements simple and streamlined – just the way your users like. Use color; but don’t overdo. For instance, using three colors are enough to get perfect harmony providing that they contrast each other.

The same is true for fonts. Try to keep it perfectly balanced with different fonts – one for the content, one for the headlines and so on.

Final consideration –

Your website should always look at its best and also performs well. Make sure that you test your website and follow the above-discussed tips that most web design companies in Rockville follow to ensure that you’re providing the best UX as possible.

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What Are the Principle of an Effective Web Design

Like the popular saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, effective web design is judged by the user of the site instead of the site owners. Websites that aren’t designed properly tend to perform badly & have sub-optimal Google analytics metrics. So, what’s a good web design? Listed here are the top 6 web design guidelines that’ll make your site visually attractive, effortless to use, engaging and effective.




Great web design always serves to the requirements of the users. Are your visitors seeking info, entertainment, some sort of interaction, or to transact your business? Each and every page of your site should have a clear purpose and must meet your users’ needs in the most effective manner.




A well-planned color palette can go a long way to boost the user experience. Complementary colors create balance & harmony. Employing contrasting colors for the text & background will make reading a lot easier. Dynamic colors create emotions & must be employed carefully. Also, don’t forget that white or negative space is really effective at giving your site a modern & organized look.




Choosing the correct image for your site can assist with brand positioning & connecting with your targeted audiences. If there are no high-quality photos in your hand, consider buying stock images to lift the appearance of your site. Also, use video, graphics, and info-graphics as these can be more effective in comparison to the most well-written texts.




Navigation is all about how easy it’s for users to surf your site & take action. Some strategies for efficient navigation include a logical page ladder, employing bread crumbs, designing clickable buttons, and following the ‘three click rule’ which means users can get the info they’re seeking inside 3 clicks.


Grid-based layouts:


Putting content arbitrarily on your web page can end up with a look that’s chaotic. Grid-based layouts organize content into columns, boxes, and sections that line up & feel balanced, which guides to an improved looking website design.


Mobile friendly:


It’s now common to access sites from different devices with multiple screen dimensions, so it’s vital to make your site mobile responsive. If your site isn’t mobile responsive, you can either rebuild it in a responsive layout or you can construct a dedicated mobile website.


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The Important Features of Web Design Technology


Web design is a dynamic field that has taken a huge evolution ever since the turn of this century. Features used for web design technologies have changed over the years and it’s all thanks to the quest to finding the right standard in the realm of speed and efficiency. With a huge assortment of technologies to choose from, you may be left scratching your head on the option which is best suited for you.


Here are a few important features of web design technologies you should know before hiring web design companies in Rockville:


Content management systems (CMS) –


Earlier web designers were required to write a bit of code in order to get the websites up and running. Currently, the easiest route around creating a website is to know a specific CMS technology and you are good to go. For instance, WordPress has got to be the easiest and the most popular CMS platform.


There is a huge variety of free and paid themes to choose from depending on the CMS platform you want to use. The beauty with CMS is that you get the option of selecting the platform to utilize depending on the kind of website you want to use. For example, if you’re looking to build an ecommerce website, then magento will be a perfect choice.


Framework –


Framework has emerged as the most efficient way of building powerful and appealing website. There are plentiful web frameworks to choose from with the most popular ones like PHP, Python, and ASP frameworks. Most of the frameworks use an MVC – Model View Controller architecture that ensures quick and efficient web design and development.


Security technologies –


The web space has never been a safe place owing to the emerging number of hackers targeting websites. In turn, it will ensure development of advanced cryptographic schemes in a bid to curb this vice. The modern web communication deploys SSL certificates in order to encrypt data flow between the server and the browse. The most common algorithm used in the technology is the RSA cryptosystem; but others like ECC are growing popular day after day.


Analytics and tracking –


Your website might be live; you still require getting tailored date, if you want to make smart decisions like robust marketing strategies. The perfect way around this is to integrate tools in order to do the tracking and analytics for you. However, the market is full of options but e Analytics is so far the most popular tool.


Conclusion –


There are lots of features targeted at improving each and every aspect of web design tactics. When it comes to choosing it, it’s always a matter of functionality you want to get in website design. However, it’s always recommended to go for the most popular web design technologies.


Therefore, it’s wise t count on Search Flow – one of the premier web design companies in Rockville helping you design highly functional, appealing websites that drive results. For more information about the web design tactics, please visit the website today at https://www.search-flow.com/.

Best Practices and Trends for Ecommerce Web Design Company in Rockville


E-commerce designing has detonated in the last 5 years, and with more than thousands of small business owners in Rockville marketing their services as well as products online, it may be too difficult to stick out. Rockville e-commerce sales are likely to soar in the coming years, according to survey reports. In an ever expanding local market where distinctive features and latest trends rule, it’s necessary for the web design companies in Rockville to do the best things possible to keep ahead in the race.


It should start with listing of all desirable products or services – if there is no demand for your product or service, it will never matter how wonderful or innovative your ecommerce website design is. The next step is an exceptional presentation of the product or service with a perfect choice of color scheme, font size, layout etc. Trends for Web Design Company in Rockville are continuously changing, and every web designer should make the best efforts to keep the client’s site looking up-to-date and highly functional.


We at Search Flow, believe that the top priority of every e-commerce web design company in Rockville should be to make a website that is as interactive and user-centric as possible. Sometimes, it means usability testing and monitoring the site performance, to know how users relate to different designing elements, and what actually drives sales.


Another critical part of the web design process is thinking seriously about the client site, the elements you should include, and what functionality will be each of them. It’s important to establish a direct connection between the customer and the product with the most intuitive features using a fresh approach. Being an efficient e-commerce web design company in Rockville, Search Flow feels it right to prioritize design elements and features in each e-commerce project to serve a different purpose. After all, an e-commerce website serves as a 24/7 sales store for the client.


With a focus to give users the best experience through the e-commerce web design, the Rockville web design companies should follow the best practices and design trends to stand out in this field.


Best Practices and Trends for Ecommerce Web Design Company in Rockville

  1. All web design companies in Rockville should learn to tell the unique brand story of the client but choose for a modest layout and think that the potential customers will stay more on the site gathering product or service details.
  2. It’s necessary to build a responsive or mobile-optimized site so that it will be available to mobile users as easily as it is on a desktop. It will no doubt add to online shopping experience and satisfaction of customers.
  3. “Simplistic e-commerce design can lead to much better customer engagement and sales conversion. So, the web design companies in Rockville should prioritize simplicity while avoiding irrelevant features and text-heavy sections.
  4. Genuinely shoot Images can be a great addition to an e-commerce site, since they are high quality and air the brand’s feel and style.
  5. Create and publish high standard content that will interest and engage users, serving as a key to the success of e-commerce web design.


All the professional e-commerce web design companies in Rockville prefer to focus on a simple design with extra features and elements that serve the brand purpose. When starting with designing of an e-commerce site, they need to practice the best and follow the best trends to end up with awesome designs.


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