WordPress – The Present and Future of Website Development and Designing Industry!


WordPress website development today is powering a large number of websites and has become popular among the developers. The main reason behind such popularity of WordPress is that it is way better and easier to use that the CMS package. And hence, it can be predicted that it will be in the power for many years from now. Also, it will be a challenge for any upcoming web development solution to match up the pace of WordPress. Another thing that makes WordPress popular is that it is set to improve the usability pattern of services specifically for first-time users creating an avenue for more interested new users.


Other benefits of WordPress include it is comprised of over ten thousand already designed themes and plugins making it easy for the users to design almost any kind of website and it’s almost free. Also with the recent upgrades in the plugins, developers find it easy to design the controls to their reflection. Moreover, it provides all the features that allow you to add more making it the perfect and best choice for any organization.


Considering the fact that WordPress is powering over 20% of the overall website currently active of World Wide Web, it can easily be speculated that by next year it will be powering almost over 200 million websites. Isn’t that a lot! What makes companies prefer WordPress Development Company in their business is the question that haunts many of us! So what all the reasons are? Firstly, WordPress web development is less expensive as it is absolutely free; moreover, there is no license and registration fee. Also, thousands of themes can be found on it. Secondly, the codes of any kind of WordPress website are simple and easy to execute making it the most SEO friendly platform. Thirdly, the WordPress development companies will help in providing a great responsive design that will in turn attract a good number of traffic to your website.


Being a reputed and experienced WordPress development company in Rockville, we at Search Flow have executed numerous WordPress projects and developed customized WordPress Content Management Systems for our global clients. We believe that WordPress will always be available to offer the opportunity to all its developers as long as man is in existence.


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Get a Dynamic, Functional and User-Friendly WordPress Website for Your Company with Search Flow


In order to provide an exceptional user experience, web owners nowadays are opting WordPress to develop their business websites. This is because, according to them it is the only available platform that takes less time to build a website from scratch as well as it helps the web owners to earn maximum benefits in terms of sales and revenues. And for that they hire expert WordPress developers.


As per certain research, WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms by developers all over the world to build interactive and responsive websites. Being one of the robust content management systems (CMS) it satisfies the requirements of numerous business enterprises. A majority of web developers find this platform a reliable mode of web development. There are several benefits of switching to a WordPress platform for developing the website of your company and these are as follows:


Easy to Use – WordPress has an intuitive interface which makes it an easy to use platform. You can add new pages, blog posts, images and so on quickly and on a regular basis. Also, due to the simplicity of the technology the time spent on formatting is reduced to a great extent.


Easy to Manage – Website is manageable from any computer connected with internet as it is a browser based platform.


No need of additional HTML or FTP software – As WordPress is a independent system, you can create a new page or blog post, upload images, documents, video files etc. without the need for additional HTML or FTP software.


Search Engine Friendly–The coding behind WordPress is simple which makes it easy for the search engines to read and index the content of the site. Also, each page, post as well as image has its own Meta tag title, description and keywords allowing for a precise search engine optimization.


Control Over you Website – With WordPress you have full control over your website and you can make updates on your own without depending upon any website designer. Also you can customize the look and feel of your site and hence provides a unique experience to your visitors.


Besides, these there are many other benefits that a WordPress built website provides. And we at Search Flow understand how WordPress creates a website for your business that is functional, dynamic and user friendly. We are known for providing customized Content Management Services to clients across the globe and known as best WordPress development company in Rockville.We have executed numerous WordPress projects and developed customized WordPress Content Management Systems for our global clients.


Our highly experienced WordPress developers in Rockville have the right knowledge and expertise to develop a user-friendly content management system. We always strive to provide clients a complete gamut of CMS services that help individuals and enterprises. So if you want to switch to WordPress platform for developing your company’s website and looking for a reliable and expert WordPress development company in Rockville then do count on us and contact us at info@search-flow.com or call +1-202-322-7538. We will be glad to help you!


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5 Reasons to Consider PHP Development


From e-commerce solutions to websites, from new startups to well-established businesses, PHP is chosen solely as the programming language for good reasons. Most web development companies in Rockville suggest to consider PHP development for businesses and IT solutions. Here are a few reasons why investing in PHP development makes sense:

1. Budget-saving
The most important things that win the attention of web developers and IT decision-makers is that PHP is freely available. This platform requires no download or licensing fees. It is an open source platform.

In addition to budget saving option, PHP language results in a large and active international community. This ensures continual development in its functionality and the impressive pool of facilities as well as resources.

2. Less time-consuming
PHP is a partially object-oriented language that most web development companies in Rockville prefer. The reusable PHP components can save you time and effort in the process of web development. There are many PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Joomla, WordPress, Symfony, etc. Each of them has its own functionality and offers quick and secure development in certain fields.

3. Flexibility and integrative
The main benefit of choosing PHP is its versatility and flexibility. PHP coding is highly compatible with major platforms Windows, UNIX, Linux, MacOS, etc. This platform supports most of the servers including Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet, Xitami, Tornado, Caudium, etc. and over 20 databases like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others. With PHP, it’s possible to implement them irrespective of the stage of development and without time loss due to its dynamic nature.

4. Scalability and well-documenting ability
In terms of ROI, businesses more often win when the IT solution is built in iterations. PHP allows launching different software modules progressively and making important amendments in the process of web development. PHP language makes it possible to develop and support scalable IT projects and generate multiple pages with different settings continuously.

5. Web hosting opportunities
The versatility of PHP language makes it a popular option for web hosting. Generally, web hosting packages come with PHP support at no additional cost including free web host plans or inexpensive shared plans with an unlimited resource allocation and a free domain name.

Final Thought –
The development of PHP and its frameworks in the recent years has been phenomenal and its popularity in the industry is rapidly growing. The main virtues of PHP include cost-efficiency, scalability, simplicity, compatibility, and user-friendliness.

Solely or more often in the combination with other technologies, PHP is appropriate option for the development of IT projects of any kind – from simple websites to CRM solutions and large marketplaces.

You must agree to the fact that the immense popularity of PHP attracts web development companies in Rockville including Search Flow for its language simplicity and prevalence. We at Search Flow carry a deep expertise in the development of IT projects in PHP.

Get acquainted with our web development services and if you’d like to know more about us, please feel free t contact us as soon as possible! We’ll get back to you right away.

How To Choose Your WordPress Developer In Rockville

How do you find the best WordPress developer from such a vast number of programmers out there? For your knowledge, a passionate WordPress developer is someone who likes to push the boundaries, go beyond the basics and bring creativities to the project they’re assigned with.


Professional WordPress developers should always be busy in researching more regarding the newest trends & technologies to stay ahead of their competitors.


Here are top 4 qualities your WordPress developer or WordPress development company in Rockville should have:


  1. Technical Efficiencies:


A professional WordPress developer should have appropriate knowledge about different technologies & he or she should be capable of creating a masterpiece. A competent developer must have sound knowledge of MySQL, PHP, codebase on Trac and Xref and must be capable of setting up a local development environment & run the nightly build. They also need to be well-acquainted with the WordPress technicalities, such as plugins, core and also different themes required to develop a website.


  1. Learning Attitude:


The WordPress versions are gradually moving forward, so is the environment. A pro developer must have a learning attitude to keep himself up with the latest technology, design and security trends to develop websites, which are modern and stable. An old-fashioned look on an uninteresting portal will harm the image of your brand. A sluggish developer will prompt sluggishness as far as your business profits & professional image is concerned.


  1. Self-Motivation:


Professional WordPress developers should regularly push their aptitude & have fair ideas about all the aspects of this popular platform. WordPress provides a wide array of choices such as themes, plugins, front-end designs and e-commerce. Henceforth, a developer should have practical & specialized knowledge to find out what’d work best for a project. An attentive & self-motivated developer will make sure that his or her work stands out from the rest.


  1. Self-Planning Abilities:


A good developer should be capable of sorting out a chaos & make something out of the box. Nevertheless, lack of proper planning can turn out to be a serious concern. A directionless agenda can consequence in setbacks in project delivery and waste of energy and time. A competent developer should have an organized schedule in place to outline goals – both small and big.


WordPress is an ever-growing platform. A competent WordPress development company in Rockville should always be on their toes, trying new things & striving to enhance the existing functionalities.


At Search Flow, we take pride in offering the most dependable WordPress development and design service in Rockville. To get started with your new WordPress development project, feel free to call us now!